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Finance Feed

Lloyds Banking Group's claims bill for PPI tops £13bn as it sets aside a further £1.4bn to compensate customers.
Twelve Pacific nations fail to agree a regional trade deal which would cover 40% of the world economy, despite talk of "significant progress".
The founder of MtGox - once the world's biggest bitcoin exchange - is arrested by Japanese police investigating losses of nearly $400m.
The Serious Fraud Office opens a criminal investigation into British company Soma Oil and Gas.
The soaring value of the Swiss franc against the euro leads Switzerland's central bank to report a first half loss of 50bn francs.
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras defends his former finance minister in a row over an "emergency plan" in case of Greece's exit from the euro.
NatWest Bank has blamed earlier problems with its website on a series of deliberate attacks, known as a distributed denial of service (DDoS)
The European Union has removed two Iranian oil companies from its sanctions list in the first such action since Iran's nuclear deal.
Rents paid to private landlords in Britain went up by 2.5% over the last year, the fastest rise for two-and-a-half years, according to the ONS
Two of the US's biggest companies report sharply lower quarterly results because of falling oil prices.
BA and Iberia owner International Airlines Group (IAG) reports a big jump in second quarter profits.
A drop in energy prices offset a rise in industrial goods and helped keep the eurozone's inflation rate at 0.2% in July.
An Australian plane passenger, who says he suffered back pain after being seated next to an overweight man, is suing Etihad Airways.
SoulCycle, the indoor cycling fitness chain with a celebrity following in the US, including David Beckham and Lady Gaga, plans to float on the stock market.
Colm O'Regan takes a look at the post-war boom and onset of consumer capitalism in the United States.
Leading Kenyan cartoonist Celeste Wamiru shares her story and experiences.
A Kenyan company is offering loans to farmers where the interest rates charged are linked to the quality of the soil, providing an incentive for soil preservation.
Manju Bhatia, founder and joint managing director of the all-women debt collection agency Vasuli Recovery explains how she bucked the trend of a male-dominated industry.
A team of robotic developers has built an interactive robotic climbing frame, that can roam designated play areas, ready for children to play with it.
How does being online really change things for people living far from India's big cities?
Many online businesses have been set up in India to connect students with the workforce, but are interns then being offered the jobs they are seeking?
The BBC's Karishma Vaswani asks businessman Rajesh Joshi about the type of start-ups he finds attractive.
Optimism and concern at HK's tech conference
'If this art isn't yours, it's ours'
Why work isn't what it used to be
The US football division seeking inspiration from the 1970s
From boom to bust in Swiss border towns
The tech helping Kenyan smallholders reap rich rewards
It's not just the tiny surveys with questionable methodology that cause problems.
Why 'sunny places for shady people' continue to thrive
Rio's favelas to accommodate visitors to 2016 Olympics
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